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TAFF 2009 Westbound Race is Go!

We are pleased to announce the confirmed candidates for the 2009 Westbound TAFF race:

stevegreen Steve Green: Since encountering fandom circa 1974, I’ve been a fanwriter, fanzine publisher, cartoonist, convention organiser and FAPA vice-president. From 1987-96, I co-edited the newszine Critical Wave; its online resurrection was announced in 2008. My own fanzines include Thunderbox (with my wife Ann) and Gaijin. I'm an sf fan, a horror fan, a comics fan, a telefantasy fan; I see no boundary fences. In "real life", I've been a newspaper reporter, radio pundit and film journalist. I've long had transAtlantic links, with regular columns in Seattle's Apparatchik and the Bay Area's Drink Tank. Can't wait to make some more North American friends.

Nominators: Randy Byers (US), Lloyd and Yvonne Penney (Can), Mark Plummer (UK), Martin Tudor (UK), Peter Weston (UK)

fivemack Tom Womack: I'm of that small generation that met fandom when they met Usenet; I'm still on rasfw for the conversation, though my random musings mostly go on I'll pub my ish as I campaign.
Jo Walton lured me to the first Ploktacon, where I discovered free-wheeling open conversations that worked as much like Usenet as could be contrived in the flesh; that lured me to Minicon and a living fannish culture.
If I win TAFF, I will marvel at the purported existence of warmth in Canada, and try to get to know some non-Minneapolitan American fans.

Nominators: Liz Batty (UK), Clare Boothby (UK), Vicki Rosenzweig (US), Alison Scott (UK), Geri Sullivan (US)

John Coxon decided not to pursue nomination in this race, for various reasons.

Voting will take place until mid-April, and we are working on finalising the ballots ready for Friday. Have a good campaign!

For more information about the TransAtlantic Fan Fund, see here:

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