Pádraig Ó Méalóid (slovobooks) wrote in anonymousclaire,
Pádraig Ó Méalóid

David Stewart RIP

I am very sorry to have to bring you all this news. I received this email from Terry Stewart, David's father, this morning:

I am afraid that I am the harbinger of bad news.

David had a major set back at 22.30 last night and we were sent for. He passed away at 03.30 this morning with Ann and Myself, his brother Niall and sister inlaw Germaine at his bed side.

May he rest in peace after a great struggle bravely borne.

Details of the funeral arrangements later.

Ann and I appreciate the great kindness which you all showed to David and to us and we will always be grateful.

As soon as I have further news, I'll post it here.
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