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Hello! I thought I was most likely to find con runners here.

I have a small number of fan organisation/not profit con tables available at 9worlds in August. It's a new and varied event! Details here.


Please mail me if you would like one. First come first served. £20 per person for the weekend gives access to evening events. No other charges. (Redemption, you are already booked. Everyone else, you aren't even if you think you are because you thought someone else was going to confirm and they haven't got back to me, etc etc))
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TAFF Podcast

jimtrash has just released Pips #5, an audiozine featuring interviews with all four candidates in the current TAFF race. Coming on the back of ceemage's online interview with myself and fivemack in 2009, UK fandom definitely seems to be leading the way when it comes to bringing TAFF to the audience of a wider audience.


Al Darragh RIP

The death occurred on the night of Saturday 4th December 2010 of Alistair Darragh, known to all as Al. Al was a well-known and enthusiastic attendee at science fiction and gaming conventions in Belfast and further afield, at events like Mecon, Octocon, and Q-Con. He was a founder member of Dragonslayers, the Queens University Belfast Gaming and Anime Society.

Al died suddenly of a heart attack following an infected wound in his foot which was complicated by his suffering from diabetes. He was in his mid-forties.

A Book of Condolences is being held in the house. Anyone unable to attend in person can e-mail lannie@kimphieland.fsworld.co.uk who will include it on your behalf. Details of the funeral will be posted as soon as they have been finalised

A wake will be held at the house at 30 Bendigo Street, Belfast, from 5:00pm on Wednesday the 8th of December. The funeral is the following day, Thursday the 9th of December. There will then be a short service at the house starting at 1:30pm followed by the burial at Roselawn cemetery at 2:30pm.

Al Darragh’s wife Joanne has requested that no flowers be given but instead donations may be given to Diabetes UK through the funeral directors James Brown and Son, 300 Newtownards Road, Belfast.

On behalf of everyone in Irish SF fandom south of the border, I offer our condolences to his family, and particularly to his wife Joanne. He will be missed.
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This community

I'm not sure this community serves a purpose any more. Any objections to me just deleting it? Or does anyone else want to take over moderating it? Moderating requires zero effort - nobody has attempted to post anything since June and most of the content now seems to be public announcements that are posted elsewhere anyway.