emmzzi (emmzzi) wrote in anonymousclaire,


Hello! I thought I was most likely to find con runners here.

I have a small number of fan organisation/not profit con tables available at 9worlds in August. It's a new and varied event! Details here.


Please mail me if you would like one. First come first served. £20 per person for the weekend gives access to evening events. No other charges. (Redemption, you are already booked. Everyone else, you aren't even if you think you are because you thought someone else was going to confirm and they haven't got back to me, etc etc))
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Don't have your email but I think Loncon 3 would like one please! I wasn't sure there were going to be fan tables, so hooray :)
Hi, vendors@nineworlds.co.uk please - if the lead ("in charge") attending person could get in touch so we can discuss requirements that'd be groovy
That might be John, I will nudge him. Also, I am probably the lead attender for Satellite4 and we'd like one.
and the million dollar question is if you actually want to sit beside John... :D
I have emailed the Novacon committee, and will return here to reply on their behalf when they've worked out what they want to do.
Ah, it looks like no-one who might run a table for us will be there. Can you tell us who to email to place an advert in one of your at-con publications?
I would use the mail in form on the website contact us page and someone more au fait than me will route it to the publications peeps :)